About Us

The Wheatland Crisis Society provides ongoing supports and services to women, men and children who are affected by family abuse.

We are committed to a vision of a future where our community is free of violence and our citizens are empowered to resolve conflict in peaceful and productive ways.

Our goals for the past year have been:

Adults and children who experience abuse are sheltered and protected.
Information is provided to the community about the effects of abuse and violence.
Awareness regarding family violence is increased.

Strathmore Shelter is a place where people can rest, reflect, and gather energy to take the steps they need to make safe and healthy choices in the future.

We are not here to judge. Our role is to help clients to be as safe as possible.

We are a short term shelter (up to 3 weeks) but we try to have a welcoming and home-like setting, and our outreach services are available to clients in the community.

We offer shelter, food, clothing, crisis counseling, referral and advocacy.

The Wheatland Crisis Society also provides educational and community support services in the Strathmore area.