The Outreach Program meets people where they’re at in many ways.

Outreach staff meet with clients in an office setting. Transportation is a common barrier and often rural communities have limited support services, with few specializing in family violence. Access to free and convenient counseling and support can make all the difference for a victim of abuse. Counselors are invaluable resources for assessing risk, planning for safety, and opening doors to partner agencies.

This program is available for someone who is still in a relationship, preparing to leave, returning home, or building a new life. No matter where they are on their journey, the program is there, not to judge, but to help the client reach their own goals. Sometimes the connection is short term or in groups, but outreach workers are also able to build long term relationships with their clients, support change, and celebrate that moment when their services are no longer needed.

To obtain more information call 403-934-6634.