Public Education

About Our Public Education Program
Imagine a world where we could cut of violence at the root, instead of watching for it to grow and branch out. Imagine a world where it was no longer acceptable to joke about abuse, and people knew that it was not okay to treat another human being with anything less than care, compassion and respect.

The goal of the Public Education program is to increase awareness and decrease tolerance of violence and abuse. Anti-violence educators are available to schools, service clubs, community groups, agencies and faith communities to provide a number of workshops and presentations on family violence and related topics. This service is available free of charge, as are all shelter services.

Kids especially want to talk about things that have been taboo. They want reliable information, the opportunity to ask questions, and tools that work for them. There is nothing quite like the “Aha” moment when a participant in a workshop learns something new; something with the ability to help them make healthier, safer choices in life.

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