ATB Cares

ATB created ATB Cares to make it easy for all Albertans to support the causes they care about. ATB will pay 100% of admin. and transaction costs on donations made through this site. As a bonus, ATB will match 15% of every dollar you donate (see note below). That means a $100 donation is $115 to us and no extra fees!  

NOTE: There are many wonderful non-profits that utilize ATB Cares in Alberta. Currently there is a $20,000.00 cap per month on how much ATB Cares is able to match. This means that very often that $20,000.00 cap is met within the first few days of the month due to the generosity of Albertans. If you wish to support us financially via ATB Cares we encourage you to consider donating within the first few days of the month to increase the chances of your donation being matched by the 15%.

To donate:

  • Click here
  • Click the orange “donate now” button
  • Enter the donation amount
  • Confirm your billing address and payment details
  • Voila! Your donation will be submitted to us and you can print your receipt

For donation inquiries or to drop off financial donations, gift cards or items, please call us at 403-934-6634, email us at

Thank you for your generous support.

CRA Registered Charity No. 1374223135 RR0001

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