Children’s Programs

Early Intervention Program

In order to continue to offer services to children in shelter we use a program model that focuses on group work with children with a primary focus on safety planning and healthy attachment between parents and children.

Highlights of this program include:

  • Working with parents on comprehensive children’s safety plans.
  • Crisis support through groups and individual supportive counselling with the parent, and parent coaching.
  • The Family Residential Early Intervention Worker provides parents with tools to understand the effects of trauma and domestic conflict on child development with a strong focus on ACE’s.
  • Encouragement of parents through role modeling and providing resources and warm referrals for ongoing community supports and congruency in care.
  • This is an integrative role between the Residential Shelter Program and the Child & Youth Program with a purpose of creating a wraparound support to families. The worker liaises between programs to ensure all family needs are being addressed.

Who can access this program?

Parents, caregivers, children and adolescents who are accessing the Residential Emergency Shelter program.

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