Emergency Shelter Program

We provide a safe place for families and individuals to stay until they are able to make a ‘next-step’.

Our Shelter is a home like large, secure facility that can accommodate up to 25 people (adults and children) in seven bedrooms. Communal living can be challenging for people seeking safety, therefore, WCS strives to provide predictable, consistent and personalized programming with the goal of nurturing resiliency, mastery, independence and community. Our programming is founded through a trauma-based lens with a focus on fostering stable, caring relationships. Small groups by WCS staff and community partners, are offered on a variety of topics including safety planning, managing stress, self-esteem and positive parenting.

Families stay together in their own bedroom for one night or up to three weeks. Individuals who are coming to shelter without children, may have to share a room. Food becomes an important component to both welcome those staying at the shelter and learn life skills from each other at WCS. Nutritious homemade meals are offered daily or families are welcome to prepare their own comfort foods in our kitchen. There is also opportunity for clients to learn tools to ground themselves during times of stress and anxiety, including individual or group mediation and yoga. There are also resources and opportunities for clients to connect with their spiritual journey in shelter.

WCS always strives to ensure people have a safe place to stay, even if all our beds are full. This means that we will actively resource clients to find alternative safe options.

Primary funding for our Shelter programs are provided by Alberta Ministry of Human Services and Calgary and Area Child and Family Services.

Child and Youth Care Program

The goal of the Child & Youth Program is to provide a safe and nurturing environment, where children can simply, “be kids”. The playroom is a relaxed atmosphere, where children can enjoy a variety of activities (arts & crafts, dramatic play, games and music). Our Child and Youth Program supports parents in addressing the physical and emotional needs of the family during their stay in the Shelter, while supplying a safe place for children and youth to express themselves freely and have fun.

Through the generous support of W. Brett Wilson and family, we are able to offer a Family Enjoyment Program where families are given opportunities to create positive family memories free from violence. The goal is to provide parents and children an opportunity to form healthy attachments. Movie outings, field trips, family baking nights, board game nights and ice cream feasts provide families the venue to rebuild their relationships.